Magnata, Inc. consultants provide assistance with overall system implementation and integration. Where necessary, 24 x 7 technical support can be provided along with onsite installation and implementation, remote analysis, automated customer assistance and web-based electronic services.

Our Services Team has unparalleled experience in rapidly developing and deploying solutions and systems, sometimes in timeframes of five weeks and lower. The team comprises of professionals who have built up their expertise through working with leading global Service Providers (SPs), equipment manufacturers and software vendors in diverse market segments.

Mobility Connecting the Organization on the Move

In addition to Mobility Strategy Consulting, we build Native (iOS, Android, Windows, BB), Hybrid (Cordova, Ionic, ...), HTML5 (jQuery Mobile, Respond.js, ...).

Our expertise extends to platforms that include Xamarin, Kony, Antenna, Worklight, etc. We are extremely familiar with MDM platforms such as AirWatch, Good, Zenprise, etc.

Cloud Leveraging the Cloud to optimize cost of Infrastructure

We provide Cloud Consulting and help customers determine the strategy and roadmap of moving Applications to the Cloud.

Our consultants have expertise on the AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud Offerings.

Big Data Analytics and Big Data for your Organization

We can enable, integrate, create applications that deal with virtually all leading Big Data and Database engines. In addition to traditional RDMS databases (SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Postgres, Sybase, MySQL, ...), we have expertise in Big Data solutions (Hadoop, Cloudera, Spark, Storm, ...) and No SQL databases (Cassandra, Name-Value, ...). We have built applications range from offering centralized access to reporting applications against the client’s database to full-blown transaction-based applications. We also employ unique utilities that exploit state-of-the-art software and Web tools to develop your integration solution.

Development Developing Software that binds Customers to their Goals. Servicing the Customer with an eye towards Perfection.

As part of an overall focus on diverse market segments, Magnata complements its product portfolio, Services Practices with Technology Services that includes Development and Systems Integration.

Magnata, Inc. consultants develop customized software applications for the enterprise often on the basis of designs and specifications produced through consulting services. We practice Agile practices and can mesh easily with a customer's development methodology.

Systems Integration Joining Systems for Seamless Information Workflow.

Systems Integration is the process of integrating software, hardware, telecommunications and human systems to deliver practical, robust solutions. It's a complex discipline, demanding significant experience and resources. Magnata, Inc. excels in this area with its world class services and people resources.

We provide a broad range of systems integration, engineering, information technology, and technical support solutions. Our integrated solutions consider the entire lifecycle of any project. We address everything from the initial logistics involved with procuring the system all the way through to the logistical support required to sustain the project well into the future. We have substantial past performance in everything ranging from hardware and software requirements definition, design, production, and testing to operational support and rapid prototyping of "need now" systems, all the way through technology insertion for both new development and legacy migration and sustainment.

We design, code, test, deploy, and maintain millions of lines of software across dozens of platforms. Real-time, web-based, and database intensive systems are all developed using disciplined processes. Our history is one of on time and within budget software engineering. Our Technology expertise allows us to provide and maintain software that processes data, manages applications, or integrates tools.