Technologies - Means to create Solutions, Services

We have the technology experience to use existing and new technologies to create the most advanced, complete and functionally rich solutions. In addition, our technology expertise offers support for complex business models to give a leading edge to the customer. Unique and modular integration architecture enables other solutions to seamlessly interface with each other to produce most appropriate model for customer’s business requirements.

With our technologies experience, we are well positioned to provide the following value-add to our partners:

  • Actively contributing to the new generation Systems and Technologies In addition to Apps on the App Stories, we actively contribute to the Open Source community.

  • Experience with multiple COTS vendors platforms and solutions You name it and one of our consultants will have experience with it - Be it a technology that is Enterprise or specific to a domain.

  • Reusable Frameworks and Solution Components with proven methodologies Over the years we have create a library of Reusable Frameworks and Solution Components that we bring to our customers.

  • HTML5 Technologies - The Next Wave of Responsive Apps In addition to mature Web protocols—HTTP, HTML4, and SSL, we are also working with the following Web Technologies for the development of new HTML5 Applications and RESTful API services.

  • EAI - Creating Homogeneity from Heterogeneity Due to the expertise created in implementing huge Enterprise applications and also developing mission critical applications on various platforms, we understand the nuances and technological challenges for integrating these applications and legacy systems.

  • Application Servers - the J2EE/IIS Building Platform Application servers represent one of the core technologies that allow the development and deployment of sophisticated applications on the intranet and Internet. Our experience covers all major Application Servers that include Tomcat, JBOSS, Oracle Fusion/Weblogic, Websphere, JRun, Jetty, IIS, Node.js, etc.

  • CRM - Managing Your Customers with Emphasis We help our customers manage customer relationships in an efficient and organized manner by using leading technologies and meshing them with their internal Business processes and models. These business processes can not only encompass well-known CRM processes such as Sales and Marketing, but also processes that leverage the strategic technical direction of the customer's organization. Our expertise includes Seibel, PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle, AmDocs, Pega, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

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